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Category: Forest Glen

Crazy House Prices #1

7 January, 2007 (00:03) | 20910, Forest Glen | 3,885 comments

My wife loves to keep an eye on house prices in the area, information for the future so she says. I think the people renovating this property got to the market a little late. The previous 2 years prices were going up but as with much of the US prices have leveled off in the […]

National Park Seminary

3 January, 2007 (00:02) | 20910, Forest Glen | 3,138 comments

One of the original building at National Park Seminary. Looking at the plans it will be the middle of 2007 before they start to renovate it.

“The Monroe”

2 January, 2007 (00:03) | 20910, Forest Glen | 1,542 comments

I finally went for a walk around National Park Seminary after living in the area for 5 years. I have passed by many times but never stopped. National Park Seminary has been in existence in one form or another since the 1880’s and most of its buildings have a European or Asian influence. After many […]


28 December, 2006 (00:01) | 20910, Forest Glen | 465 comments

This footbridge was built at I-495 and Georgia Ave. It is very useful as this junction is one of the busiest in Montgomery county. The amazing fact about it is the cost – $8 million USD.


22 December, 2006 (04:00) | Forest Glen, Parks, Sligo Creek | No comments

Sligo Creek Park runs across Montgomery County.


19 December, 2006 (04:00) | Forest Glen | 12 comments

The Capitol Beltway (I-495) circles Washington DC. This is the start of the evening rush hour as it approaches Georgia Ave.