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Category: Downtown

Fire Station #1

5 January, 2007 (00:03) | 20910, Downtown | 4,234 comments

A new Fire Station was opened in Silver Spring in 2006. The building it replaced was almost 100 years old. The new building is shared with other County agencies including Montgomery County Department of Police.

Plaza Art

4 January, 2007 (00:02) | 20910, Downtown | 15 comments

Plaza Art is a long time Silver Spring business. I stopped to say hello to the two cats and noticed the sunset reflection in the window.

Silver Spring

1 January, 2007 (00:02) | Downtown | 1,429 comments

Click image for a larger version In my first post I said that today would be the day that I started to post consistently. So to start with here is a general view of Downtown Silver Spring as you would see it as you enter from Washington DC. Happy New Year.

Fenton Redevelopment

31 December, 2006 (00:01) | 20910, Downtown | 30 comments

I was just walking around this afternoon and came across this piece of redevelopment on Fenton Ave. There were also signs for Fenton Village on the other side of the road. It looks like redevelopment is not that far into the future.

Fenton Ave

30 December, 2006 (00:01) | Downtown | 1,500 comments

The view towards Fenton Ave from Wayne Ave. This is an older part of Downtown but I believe there are plans to redevelop it in the future.


29 December, 2006 (00:01) | 20910, Downtown | 1,774 comments

Gallery Restaurant Lounge is located towards the Washington DC state line. A lot of construction is taking place around it. I spotted this wall and couldn’t decide if it was art for art’s sake or camouflage to try and hide the building site next door.


27 December, 2006 (00:01) | 20910, Downtown, Food | 546 comments

Eggspectations is one of the new restaurants that have appeared in Downtown Silver Spring. As indicated by the name they serve a lot of eggs.

Reflection 2

24 December, 2006 (00:01) | 20910, Downtown | 1,382 comments

A different angle.


23 December, 2006 (04:00) | 20910, Downtown | 52 comments

Taken from the top of the Ellsworth Rd Car Park.

Welcome To ….

21 December, 2006 (04:00) | Downtown | 1,205 comments

As you enter Downtown Silver Spring on Georgia Ave you are greeted by this welcome sign.

Georgia Ave

20 December, 2006 (04:00) | Downtown | 1,142 comments

Click image for larger version. Georgia Ave from the Wayne Ave Car park.


16 December, 2006 (04:00) | Downtown, Fisheye | 28 comments

American Film Institute Theatre. It was originally built in 1938 and the restoration, completed in 2003, was part of the regeneration of Downtown.


14 December, 2006 (04:00) | Downtown, Metrorail | No comments

The Metrorail station with the NOAA offices behind.


13 December, 2006 (04:00) | Discovery, Downtown, Food | 1 comment

The Tastee Diner is a Silver Spring landmark. It was originally built on the site of what is now the Discovery Building. When construction started it was moved a few blocks to its present location.

Metro Plaza

12 December, 2006 (05:00) | Downtown | 1,050 comments

Metro Plaza

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