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Category: Food


6 January, 2007 (00:03) | 20910, Food | 33 comments

Kirsten’s Cafe is a local coffeehouse known for its baked goods. It has been a good few months since we last visited and so I was a little surprised when I walked past the other evening. They had taken over the shop next door and doubled in size and now had a more modern look. […]


27 December, 2006 (00:01) | 20910, Downtown, Food | 547 comments

Eggspectations is one of the new restaurants that have appeared in Downtown Silver Spring. As indicated by the name they serve a lot of eggs.


13 December, 2006 (04:00) | Discovery, Downtown, Food | 1 comment

The Tastee Diner is a Silver Spring landmark. It was originally built on the site of what is now the Discovery Building. When construction started it was moved a few blocks to its present location.