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Category: Fisheye


16 December, 2006 (04:00) | Downtown, Fisheye | 28 comments

American Film Institute Theatre. It was originally built in 1938 and the restoration, completed in 2003, was part of the regeneration of Downtown.

Downtown Fisheye 2

7 December, 2006 (11:00) | Downtown, Fisheye | 1,840 comments

Downtown Fisheye 1

3 December, 2006 (10:57) | Downtown, Fisheye | 954 comments

My plan was to start posting properly on 01/01/07, so till then I will just post some random images from the past summer. The first set were taken with a Lomo Fisheye, a very basic camera but loads of fun just to walk around with and snap pictures.


1 December, 2006 (20:52) | Downtown, Fisheye | 2,604 comments

To mark the University of Maryland’s 150th anniversary fifty decorated terrapin statues were placed throughout Maryland. They were designed by students as part of the Fear the Turtle Project. Four of the statues are located in Downtown Silver Spring.