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Month: January, 2007

New Address

7 January, 2007 (16:36) | Ramblings | 3,784 comments

Thank you for dropping in. This site has now moved to Please update your links for the future. This site will now become my test site for new themes and plug-ins.

Crazy House Prices #1

7 January, 2007 (00:03) | 20910, Forest Glen | 3,885 comments

My wife loves to keep an eye on house prices in the area, information for the future so she says. I think the people renovating this property got to the market a little late. The previous 2 years prices were going up but as with much of the US prices have leveled off in the […]


6 January, 2007 (00:03) | 20910, Food | 33 comments

Kirsten’s Cafe is a local coffeehouse known for its baked goods. It has been a good few months since we last visited and so I was a little surprised when I walked past the other evening. They had taken over the shop next door and doubled in size and now had a more modern look. […]

Fire Station #1

5 January, 2007 (00:03) | 20910, Downtown | 4,354 comments

A new Fire Station was opened in Silver Spring in 2006. The building it replaced was almost 100 years old. The new building is shared with other County agencies including Montgomery County Department of Police.

Plaza Art

4 January, 2007 (00:02) | 20910, Downtown | 15 comments

Plaza Art is a long time Silver Spring business. I stopped to say hello to the two cats and noticed the sunset reflection in the window.

National Park Seminary

3 January, 2007 (00:02) | 20910, Forest Glen | 3,136 comments

One of the original building at National Park Seminary. Looking at the plans it will be the middle of 2007 before they start to renovate it.

“The Monroe”

2 January, 2007 (00:03) | 20910, Forest Glen | 1,542 comments

I finally went for a walk around National Park Seminary after living in the area for 5 years. I have passed by many times but never stopped. National Park Seminary has been in existence in one form or another since the 1880’s and most of its buildings have a European or Asian influence. After many […]

Silver Spring

1 January, 2007 (00:02) | Downtown | 1,430 comments

Click image for a larger version In my first post I said that today would be the day that I started to post consistently. So to start with here is a general view of Downtown Silver Spring as you would see it as you enter from Washington DC. Happy New Year.